Very good!!! 5-Year-old child ridicules the Sony Xperia on a TV program. Videos about Humor

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Very good!!! 5-Year-old child ridicules the Sony Xperia on a TV program.

Part of Justin Bieber is simply pathetic, so you can go to 1.40 minute. Arden Hayes is a five year old boy who is a prodigy in geography. He was invited to the Jimmy Kimmel television show and I was impressed all with her grace and talent. But best of all came at the end when they give you a tablet Sony Xperia.
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Related tags: Buenisimo!!!! Niño de 5 años ridiculiza la Sony Xperia en un programa de TV - Arden Hayes, 5-Year-old child ridicules the Sony Xperia on a TV program - Niño genio rechaza una tablet y se queda con un rompecabezas (English sub)
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