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Mickeys fire brigade. 1935
    tematica: Children
Mickey is the head of the fire brigade and two firefighters are Donald and Goofy. With this background the disaster is expected in their performances. There is fire and someone raises the alarm. The fire truck is started. That fear.
Tags: Disney - Mickeys fire brigade - Tesoros - La Brigada de Bomberos de Mickey
Mickeys parrot.
    tematica: Children
Adventure with Mickey Mouse and Pluto. A dangerous criminal has escaped from prison and find all fear. A parrot sneaks into the house of Mickey listening noises and thinks it is the fugitive. From there the way disaster at home.
Tags: El loro de Mickey Mouse - Mickeys parrot - walt disney_el loro de mickey.avi
Gruener See, a surreal park under the waters of a lake.
    tematica: Nature
Gruener See or Lake Verde lies at the foot of the Hochschwab mountains near the city of Tragoss, Austria. Normally its waters have a depth of 2 or 3 meters, but in spring with the thaw increased to 12 meters, flooding the park around. Its flora and fauna have adapted to this situation and through its clear waters you can see an extraordinary underwater show with fish swimming among trees and park benches.
Tags: Gruener See - parque submarino - Gruener See, Green Lake, Gruner See, Austria
Tiny World. Lovely short animation.
    tematica: Cinema
You will love this beautiful short animation created by British studio Rushes. A combination of real scenes with other animation seeking awareness on environmental stewardship fighting against environmental waste, and for that we help the children jugietes. Courtesy of Valeria.
Tags: corto animacion - Lovely short - Tiny World
Appearance and Reality in adults. Nice short.
    tematica: Cinema
Look at this great short film titled Appearance and Reality because it describes to perfection adults attitude we adopt toward life. The way we disguise our emotions to seem more correct, which contrasts with the attitude of children who are always displayed as they feel. A very real description of the behavior of people.
Tags: Apariencia y Realidad - corto animacion - Appearance and Reality
Knows the origin of the Earth told of a very special way.
    tematica: Nature
Here s a great video that summarizes in a very graphic the way our planet Earth was created. Youll understand exactly what happened in the last 4,500 million years our planet has become what it is today. I must say that the narrative is something peculiar in it losing some profanity. Yet it is an educational video.
Tags: Origen Tierra - Origen del mundo - TIEMPOS REMOTOS 1: El Precámbrico y el origen de la Tierra
Mashup with all movies of 2015.
    tematica: Cinema
As long as you approach the end of the year, we start with the abstracts and the most outstanding collections of 2015. This time is a mashup with sequences of the trailers of the movies that have been released during this year ending. Enjoy the spectacular images.
Tags: Peliculas 2015 - Movies 2015 - 2015 Movie Trailer Mashup
Incredible images of the odyssey that live the iguanas after its birth. Tremendous.
    tematica: Nature
The spectacular images belong to one of the episodes of the extraordinary program Planet Earth II of the BBC. The documentary shows us the difficulties that has to face an iguana when he was born in the Galapagos Islands. A test of how hard it can be the nature for some species and that few exceed. You can see the full video here.
Tags: Iguanas - Planeta Tierra II - Iguana chased by snakes - Planet Earth II: Islands - BBC One
Pawning a potato in the Pawnshop, by Korah.
    tematica: Humor
We have already seen many videos dubbed by Korah, but we do not get tired of laughing with their occurrences. Here we have a guy who is going to pawn a potato to the famous Las Empeños House in Las Vegas that we see regularly on television. The surreal story of the million dollar potato adorned with the fun old dub.
Tags: La patata empeñada - La casa de empeños - La patata del millón de dólares (DOBLAJE)
The angels of Victorias Secret. Summer 2014.
    tematica: Woman
Never miss recording of the season 2014 of victories Secret swimsuits. This is one of the time most expected and spectacular among fashion lovers and fans of its beautiful models, real angels.
Tags: Los angeles de Victorias Secret Verano 2014 - modelos Victorias Secret - Victorias Secret Swim 2014: Trend Watch

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