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Evolution of female lingerie. 100 years in 3 minutes.
  fecha de alta: 2015-09-03 categoria:Woman > Fashion
The lingerie is one aspect of fashion that most headaches gives women, although not as many men. Here you can see the transformation that has experienced the linen during the last 100 years. The whole process summarized in just 3 minutes.
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The evolution of the bikini in 125 years.
  fecha de alta: 2015-06-10 categoria:Woman > Fashion
The bikini has been one of womens garments that has marked time and that has toppled walls for his release. Here we leave a video showing the evolucon of this garment from 1890 to the present. Funny how they change the canons of fashion from one century to another. With the fabric of a bikini made before 10 like now.
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100 years of fashion in 2 minutes.
  fecha de alta: 2015-06-07 categoria:Woman > Fashion
This video brings a time lapse that brings the evolution of fashion in women during the last 100 years collected in just two minutes of film. Notice how has changed the style of women in each decade. What now seems fashionable, tomorrow will seem strange.
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The angels of Victorias Secret. Summer 2014.
  fecha de alta: 2014-01-10 categoria:Woman > Fashion
Never miss recording of the season 2014 of victories Secret swimsuits. This is one of the time most expected and spectacular among fashion lovers and fans of its beautiful models, real angels.
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Victoria Secret Holiday 2013.
  fecha de alta: 2013-12-12 categoria:Woman > Fashion
Victoria Secret s Angels met in Paris to record this announcement which aired on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. For recording paid for the Eiffel Tower remain on all night. We see Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, Gracie Carvalho, Behati Prinsloo, Lais Ribei
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Short against violations.
  fecha de alta: 2013-11-04 categoria:Woman > Fashion
It s a shorts used as underwear and which is accompanied by a belt that prevents pull out it easily. In the event of aggression is a serious drawback for the aggressor. Come on, that acts as the modern chastity belt...
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