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Carol of Game of Thrones. Happy last bloody Christmas.
  fecha de alta: 2018-12-12 categoria:Advertising > Others
They are almost 8 years of the series Game of Thrones in Movistar +. The staff of the pay channel interprets this particular carol with the melody of the famous series of HBO and somehow dismisses the last Christmas before the winter that is approaching with the end of the series. Based on the novel Ice and Fire Song of George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones has undoubtedly become the best series of all time. The next April will emit its eighth and last season to unveil once and for all who definitely feels on the Iron Throne. Winter is coming.
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Evan. Surely you have not seen a more impactful commercial.
  fecha de alta: 2017-01-10 categoria:Advertising > Others
Sometimes we are unable to see what we have before our eyes. It happens that other less important things distract our attention and prevent us from seeing those signs that can save our lives. Watch this ad with attention and I assure you that in the end you will be impacted. One of the best spot of the year.
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The expected spot of Christmas 2016 John Lewis. Gifts that everyone will love.
  fecha de alta: 2016-11-19 categoria:Advertising > Others
The traditional John Lewis spot for the Christmas campaign is one of the most anticipated of the year. The well-known UK luxury stores never disappoint with their Christmas commercial for TV. In this occasion the protagonists are the animals that also enjoy the Christmas gifts.
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Nice M&S 2016 Christmas Ad. Christmas with love from Mrs Claus.
  fecha de alta: 2016-11-19 categoria:Advertising > Others
The multinational London Marks and Spencer, specialized in selling clothes, products for the home and luxury food products, launches its announcement of Christmas as does every year, regalandonos another exceptional work. On this occasion the wife of Santa Claus becomes the protagonist of the commercial for TV.
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With my guide dog everywhere.
  fecha de alta: 2015-03-12 categoria:Advertising > Others
The French Association of guide dogs has published this nice commercial awareness society of the dependency that blind people have of your dog. It treats that everyone understand that the dog guide is not a complement which may become detached and have allowed entry into all settlements because it specified by the law.
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Samsung Commercial hidden camera a couple of deaf-mutes.
  fecha de alta: 2015-03-09 categoria:Advertising > Others
Imagine how someone feels in their daily lives can never communicate with other people in their language, signs. For commercial Samgsun have prepared a hidden camera to surprise this pair of deaf. All people they encounter on the street have been trained to cominicarse them by signs. The couple ever is more surprised by what happens. Emotional scene.
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Coca Cola presents the product of the century.
  fecha de alta: 2014-07-11 categoria:Advertising > Others
Coca Cola just released something that will revolutionize the world, and is not a soda. The product is called Social Media Guard and is ideal for people who frequent social networking and chat. No doubt this great idea will change their lives and give you a completely different view of the world that they knew so far. Rush to book it to the outlets.
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Original campaign in cinema against using the phone while driving.
  fecha de alta: 2014-06-08 categoria:Advertising > Others
Volkswagen surprised with this original campaign sensitization viewers a cinema of Hong Kong, they see on the screen a car crossing a road from the drivers perspective. As this happens, a technical room uses a sound system that makes all the phones in the room. Viewers will focus on their laptops and not see the accident that happens on the screen. After this message appears on the screen that says: Your mobile is the leading cause of death while driving. Keep your eyes on the road.
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Great ad by McDonalds for World Cup Brazil 2014.
  fecha de alta: 2014-06-07 categoria:Advertising > Others
This fashionable in these days and McDonalds soccer has prepared this super announcement on the occasion of the 2014 World Cup that begins in Brazil in a few days. Enjoy the juggling that these people with a soccer ball, although in some is Intuit some trick mounting.
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Because who is perfect? Pro Infirmis Campaign for disabled people.
  fecha de alta: 2013-12-04 categoria:Advertising > Others
Yesterday the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was held and therefore Infirmis Pro makes this campaign that creates some mannequins basing on disabled people and exposes a well known clothing store in Zurich. Nobody is perfect.
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